Diagnostic and Therapeutic Injections

Imaging-guided diagnostic and therapeutic injections typically involve a localized injection of an anesthetic and/or steroid into a joint such as the hip or facet. May be combined with CT or fluoroscopy.

Requires 10-15 minutes per injection. Discography – Injection of dye into a disc space of the spine for imaging and diagnosis. Typically combined with CT. Requires 10-15 minutes per disc injection. Nuclear Medicine Bone Scan – Intravenous injection of radioactive material that localizes in the bone. A scan requiring about 30 minutes is usually performed three hours following injection. Imaging Directed Biopsy, Aspiration or Drainage – Typically performed with CT support. Requires pre-procedure nursing assistance and blood test assessment. Intravenous sedation combined with local anesthesia requires monitoring by specialized nurse; post-procedure, short-stay recovery also monitored. Total time depends on condition and treatment; patient must have no food or liquids after midnight prior to procedure.

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