Pediatric Radiology

Our pediatric imaging specialists are experts in radiation safety and recognize that children require special care and treatment when undergoing diagnostic imaging. Radiation safety protocols have been developed with your child’s safety in mind. These pediatric protocols result in quality images with minimal radiation exposure.


Dr. Tanya Fields serves as the Director of Pediatric Imaging at Northside Hospital’s Pediatric Imaging Office in Alpharetta.

The pediatric imaging center was specifically designed and built for children and adolescents, offering imaging including diagnostic xray, fluoroscopy, MRI scans, CT scans, and ultrasound. Sedation for procedures is available, if needed. The staff provides professional service in a supportive environment specially designed for your child’s safety and comfort.

The pediatric office is located near the main Alpharetta facility at:

3300 Old Milton Parkway
Suite 150
Alpharetta, GA 30005

Phone – (770) 667-4340

FAX – (770) 667-4322

Results turn-around time:

A radiologist will interpret your exam and transcribed report will be available to the ordering physician within 24 hours.

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