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Northside Hospital now offers 3D mammography (Breast Tomosythesis), a breakthrough technology in the diagnosis of breast cancer, at Northside Hospital Atlanta and Northside Hospital Forsyth.



This recently FDA-approved technique, also known as “tomosynthesis,” produces three-dimensional views of the breasts. 3D tomosynthesis currently does not replace the traditional 2D mammographic views. It is a series of very low dose images that are viewed by a radiologist in a video-type format. With the addition of 3D tomosynthesis to the traditional mammogram, Northside Radiology Associates radiologists will be able to improve breast cancer detection while decreasing the number of patients we call back for additional testing.

The total x-ray dose for combined 2D and 3D mammography is less than the FDA mandated limits, and it is similar to conventional film-screen mammography. Since 3D tomosynthesis can markedly reduce the need for additional mammographic views, in some women the overall radiation dose will actually be decreased.

3D mammography is now available as a voluntary addition to traditional mammography at our Northside Hospital Breast Care Center in the Atlanta and Forsyth locations for patients undergoing both screening and diagnostic mammography.

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